Should have Taken a Screen Grab!

NASA announced the completion of SLS‘s Preliminary Design Review, a mandatory step in any development where a lot of outside experts are brought in to review the work done so far. After that data review, there’s a series of presentations where the designers walk through highlights of the paperwork and take questions from the panel. The panel highlights any issues, and then summarizes the total program. There’s also a page with more details about the PDR, which is open for comments at the bottom. Some of the items missed in the discussion are costs (most likely billions of dollars per flight) and flight rate (the current projected schedule has a flight in 2017 and the second flight in 2021), but when I asked a question about that in the comments, it was deleted. Maybe they don’t want to talk about it?

Update: By Friday afternoon, some fawning ‘cool’ comments made it to the board.

2nd Update: After a friend emailed the webmaster, and posted a similar comment, something broke free. My comment is now up.

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