SpaceX: When does the Tempo rise?

Frequent readers know that I am a fan of SpaceX. I’ve met Elon, and actually participated in early discussions about starting the company. I think they’ve done amazing things for an unprecedented low cost, and have the potential of turning the world of orbital launch upside down. I’m curious to know when their manifest will start decreasing in numbers. There have been four flights of Falcon 9 so far over the course of two and a half years, and 36+ launches on on the manifest for 2013-15. Something has to break soon.

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2 Responses to SpaceX: When does the Tempo rise?

  1. It may not.
    The foes of SpaceX in Congress and NASA appear to have their best weapon yet; one word. Sequestration!
    From – Today, 3:49 AM “NASA’s sequestration plan would bring commercial crew to a halt”
    Write your Congressional Rep, I did. Don’t let this happen!

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