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More Early History of Meteorites

Some of the first iron people worked with was from meteorites, used to make jewelry.

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More Eyes in Space = Better

Looks like WISE is being re-activated for three more years to search for more asteroids. This is very good news.

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Don’t Read This…

…if you’re relying on the Space Launch System (SLS) and the Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle (MPCV) to forge a path into the solar system. The NASA Inspector General released this report on development problems with the MPCV. While the report goes … Continue reading

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Cool Idea…but What does it Mean for Inspiration Mars?

The Mars Society is in the midst of their annual meeting in Boulder CO. Dennis Tito from Inspiration Mars is there, and they promised a big announcement. Well, it turns out they’re calling on college students to submit design concepts … Continue reading

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Some old Friends Appear Again

Whenever I hear about asteroid missions or retrievals, I look at the lists for some of the asteroids I researched in my early work. In this latest study searching for asteroids that work well for NASA’s asteroid retrieval mission the … Continue reading

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Expanding the Flight Envelope

SpaceX had their Grasshopper booster do some translation.

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More Microsatellites!

Looks like a fleet of them are going up soon to provide frequently-updated views of the Earth. As usual with tech reporting, it should be taken with a salt lick of skepticism. The concept is pretty cool, but downlink rates … Continue reading

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Another Way

The Space Frontier Foundation has a video talking about how space can be done without the Space Launch System. There’s nothing particularly revolutionary here, but seeing it all together is pretty cool. The video kicked off some serious discussion on … Continue reading

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Chelyabinsk from a Family of Asteroids?

The meteor that hit Russia in February may have bigger relatives.

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Should have Taken a Screen Grab!

NASA announced the completion of SLS‘s Preliminary Design Review, a mandatory step in any development where a lot of outside experts are brought in to review the work done so far. After that data review, there’s a series of presentations … Continue reading

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