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A Space Yacht?

Popular Mechanics has the scoop. One thing that caught my eye is the spherical hot tub mentioned in the article. While the visuals are cool to imagine, given how water reacts when a washcloth is wrung out in zero-g, I … Continue reading

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First Photo from the Moon…a Dud?

Well, it’s the first Moon Day I’ve seen pass with some notice on Facebook. Don’t really know if I just added some new friends who comment on it, if more people thought of it (maybe due to Neil Armstrong’s passing?), … Continue reading

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Scary Moments in Orbit

There’s something horror-movie like about your helmet filling with water. I’ll be very curious to hear about the final investigation results on this, but the engineer in me can’t help but wonder about the dynamics of the water itself, like … Continue reading

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Communications Infrastructure on Mars

For someone living on the Red Planet, communications with Earth will be delayed by a one-way travel time for between 5 and 20 minutes. Geometry will also lead to some difficulties, making communications impossible or very difficult without some infrastructure … Continue reading

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Be sure to Wave at Saturn

Tomorrow at 5:30PM ET, Cassini will be taking a picture of Saturn with the sun in the background. Earth will also be in the picture.

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A (First?) Sane Fiscal Analysis of SLS

John Strickland takes a look.

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How to go to Mars in 2020?

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory released its planning document for the potential 2020 rover this week. It can be found here. It’s pretty hefty (154 pages plus appendices) and covers many available options in a cost-constrained environment. There’s a particular focus … Continue reading

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Another Proposed Asteroid Hunter

In work for the book, I had a brain wave about the utility of a group of satellites in a halo orbit around Sun-Earth L1 looking around Earth for incoming space rocks. Turns out, JPL is proposing a mission to … Continue reading

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Most In-depth Analysis of the Asteroid Mission I’ve seen so far

Hop David is at it again. Here, he’s taken a look at what’s involved in capturing an asteroid. He uses a tool that I’ve used in the past, JPL’s NEO close approach table generator. While the numbers look small (e.g. … Continue reading

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A Little Higher…

SpaceX continues their testing of Grasshopper, this time to 325m. These flights are important, but they’ll soon run out of things to learn in the (relatively) simple up/down flights. The real envelope expansion will take place when they start shutting … Continue reading

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