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Reusability Testing Starting Early with Falcon 9 v1.1

Looks like the plan is to restart stage 1 and do some slowdown maneuvers into the ocean starting with some of the very first flights. This profile would get more aggressive as time goes on, leading to a first stage … Continue reading

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At First, I Thought “Wow, cool!”

…but then I thought “A bridge too far?” NASA’s 2014 budget request includes $100M in seed money to move a 7m diameter asteroid to Cislunar space for a later visit by a manned craft.

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Dragon Returns Again

Successful splashdown off the coast of California today.

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Ah, the Sequester

Well, we’ve heard about the loss of college assistance for soldiers, and the cutting of support programs for families who lost loved ones in Afghanistan or Iraq. NASA is cutting travel pretty heavily, and has its eye on educational outreach … Continue reading

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Landing Delayed

SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule won’t return from the ISS until Tuesday, due to predicted bad weather at the landing site on Monday.

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Good News for Future Robotic Space Exploration

Usually, robots that travel beyond Mars (sometimes, even robots that land on Mars) bring a Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator as their primary power source. These power sources not only provide electricity but critical heat as well. In the case of Curiosity, … Continue reading

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Dang! Missed it

Looks like a meteor lit up the skies around the East Coast last night. Excellent timing, considering the Congressional hearings on planetary defense this week. Reminds me of a time when there was a Congressional hearing on funding for space … Continue reading

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Well, if you want to do it the easy way…

In an earlier article (also listed in The Space Review), I did some data mining from JPL’s NEO website and found what I thought were some good candidate missions to asteroids before such activity became cool. Well, for those with … Continue reading

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Second time is the Charm

I went out on Tuesday to try and snap a picture of PanSTARRS, and came up empty. Turns out, I didn’t wait long enough and wrongly expected the comet to be visible to the naked eye. Last night, I went … Continue reading

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Grasshopper Flies Again

It’s getting higher, but this flight is still a long way from the advertising video. This article also includes some information on Elon Musk’s kerfluffle over the New York Times’ review of Tesla.

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