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After the Presser

Listened in to the Inspiration Mars press conference today. Then I downloaded the paper that served as the basis for the plan, and read a little of others’ opinions here(I agree with Rand’s interpretation of the first question as “Are … Continue reading

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Maybe an Answer on SpaceX Tempo?

SpaceX put up a request on Facebook for people to post YouTube video questions for use during the March 1st countdown. Mine was one of the first posted as a video, we’ll see if they respond.

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Engine test from Commercial Provider #2

Orbital successfully fired the engines of their Antares rocket on Friday. Having more ways to get cargo to the ISS is a good thing, even though one of them is more expensive for fewer flights and services. Note the Orbital … Continue reading

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News from the Commercial Space Front

Dennis Tito, the first person to personally pay for a ride to the International Space Staiton, has a press conference coming this week. Rumor has it that he’ll announce a crewed flyby mission of Mars launched in 2018. News here, … Continue reading

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Is a Reactive Government Agency Better than a Nonactive one?

The UN was holding a meeting about the peaceful uses of outer space when Russia’s meteor announced itself in the sky. They say that this issue requires immediate discussion. Let’s see what comes of it.

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I started on a new book a couple weeks ago, about an organization tasked with protecting people in orbit and defending the world from asteroid threats. That organization is called Space Guard (acknowledging the title is borrowed heavily from past … Continue reading

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SpaceX: Maybe the Tempo will Never Rise…

On the heels of my recently-posed question comes NASA’s plan for dealing with the upcoming sequestration. In it, they will cut commercial crew to nothing, leaving the only method for reaching the ISS as Soyuz spacecraft for the forseeable future. … Continue reading

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Quite a day for Asteroid Defense Awareness!

What are the odds that the closest pre-predicted asteroid passing would be upstaged by an air burst impact? I was at my daughter’s school today, saying I’d be willing to talk to anyone who wanted to talk about the upcoming … Continue reading

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SpaceX: When does the Tempo rise?

Frequent readers know that I am a fan of SpaceX. I’ve met Elon, and actually participated in early discussions about starting the company. I think they’ve done amazing things for an unprecedented low cost, and have the potential of turning … Continue reading

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What good is a room that’s Always Closed?

According to this, the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) will spend most of its time attached to the ISS closed, with astronauts occasionally sampling the air inside. There will also be automated sensors measuring radiation and other properties. I’m sure … Continue reading

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