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(Actual?) Death Star Costs

Well, the Death Star Petition at got enough signatures to gain an official White House response. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, the number of signatures now required for a response has increased to 100,000. Rand Simberg says they did the … Continue reading

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Another Asteroid Mining Company

Deep Space Industries. May they have more than press conferences in their future. I recognize many of the names as being involved in previous companies. Their goal of launching an asteroid sample return mission in 2016 sounds…aggressive. Press release text … Continue reading

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MarsOne Update

While reading up on the inflatable node headed to ISS, I came across this information in the SpaceX Dragon Wikipedia entry. Turns out, MarsOne (who also recently specified what they’re looking for in Mars settlers) is planning to use a … Continue reading

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In Space, No one can hear the Washing Machine

That’s because there is none. I always had fun imagining who does the menial work on a space station when everyone is a PhD, but didn’t know that there wasn’t a washing machine on the ISS. Clothes are worn for … Continue reading

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Good Orbital Debris Primer

A group within NASA released an e-book on Orbital Debris. It’s available as a pdf file or one compatible with iBooks. I downloaded the iBooks version, and they put a lot of work into it, adding galleries of images and … Continue reading

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Orion, Powered by Europe

According to NASA, the Orion spacecraft (at least the first one) will have a service module produced by Europe based on their ATV design. Definitely gives European astronauts a leg up in the flight rotation! I like how the solar … Continue reading

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Details Emerge on the Inflatable Node

At a NASA/Bigelow press conference today, details about the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) came out. The module will fly in the unpressurized area of a Dragon capsule, then be taken out and attached to Node 3 on the station. … Continue reading

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It Comes Around Again

NASA has signed an agreement with Bigelow Aerospace to put an inflatable module on the ISS. Ironically, Bigelow got their original idea from TransHab, an inflatable module planned for the ISS.

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Mars Sleep and Food

The Mars sleep “issue” I talked about before made it to Science Friday this week, along with some discussion about food for the trip to Mars. Turns out there’s a recipe contest for people who want to suggest recipes using … Continue reading

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I Wouldn’t call it a Major Concern, but…

Sleep deprivation (well, different sleeping patterns) is something else we’ll need to think about when people travel to Mars.

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