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I don’t Think they have Punch Cards…

The 5 meteorite craters you should visit in the US. We’ll hit the one in Kentucky during our 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Tour.

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Merry Christmas from SpaceX!

Another early step in reusable transportation into space!

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Mission (more than) Accomplished

The fate of Landsat 5 has been uncertain for a few months. Several recent component failures changed the risk/reward balance for keeping it going. USGS just put out a press release saying they’re going to retire the old girl. She … Continue reading

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It Takes all Types

It’s not only engineers that will take us to the planets, but as this article states, welders and other technical people will be needed as well. My link to this: when I was in high school, I considered going to … Continue reading

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Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Meteorites(?)

Reports are coming out about the Sutter’s Mill Meteorite. Looks like it’s a pretty rare find, a C-M Chondrite, and they got samples fast enough to find organics in the meteorite itself, as well as some compounds that dissolve when … Continue reading

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Asteroids (and Comets!) to Scale and Proportional Brightness

Emily Lakdawalla has your fix of solar system debris our robots have visited. She comments that she could include 4 Vesta, but she’d need to make the image 3x larger and some of the smaller asteroids would be tough to … Continue reading

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Space Psychiatry

My short summary of this article: It was never as bad in space as some thought it would be. We’ve got it going really well on ISS, but a trip to Mars would be a whole new challenge. I read: … Continue reading

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Orion Progresses to Launch

On a rocket that it will only fly on once, and with no service module, though the Europeans may build one for us (cool picture) based on their ATV service module. Look at the bright side! After the 2014 flight, … Continue reading

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Images of Toutatis Coming in

Through multiple sources. Congrats to the Chinese for getting excellent shots!

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Dodged Another one…

Luck will keep us going for a while, like this week when an asteroid flew between the Earth and the moon, but one of these days, we’re going to find a rock with our name on it. Then what?

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