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Mail Delivered, Again

SpaceX‘s Dragon spacecraft landed on Sunday, completing its delivery to the ISS and probably more importantly, its delivery of medical samples and equipment back to Earth. As time goes on, I believe the downmass deliveries will be the highlight of … Continue reading

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Post Sandy Discussion

Luckily, we held power throughout the storm here at home. All’s well at Space: What Now? Headquarters. It looks like the storm may bring some light to an ongoing problem in the form of our aging weather satellites.

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For want of 4%…

Space News reported a SpaceX explanation for the non-firing of Falcon 9 stage 2. According to SpaceX, the 2nd stage firing was only authorized if there was a better than 99% chance of it completing as planned. There was enough … Continue reading

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Shiny Objects

Found around the Curiosity Rover. Initial concern was that a joint on the rover was ‘shaving’ pieces off, then they thought it might be debris for landing, and now it’s possible that the shiny objects are natural. The mystery abounds!

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A $2B Prize for Mars Sample Return?

I bet it’d take $3B to address administrative and planetary protection protocols. Rand Simberg and friends have some commentary.

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Almost Space…

Congrats to Felix Bumgartner on his record-breaking skydive from 128k ft! Hopefully, he doesn’t inspire a new round of UFO reports…

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More Details Emerge

According to SpaceX, no explosion and the secondary payload wasn’t put into the proper orbit because of an initial orbit issue caused by the different trajectory after the engine shutdown. Can’t wait for more information.

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What was that Noise?

Looks like last night’s Dragon launch suffered an engine explosion during ascent. The fact that we found out about it in a post-orbit-arrival press conference and not during a stunned-face post-crash one is a statement for the robustness of the … Continue reading

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Liveblogging SpaceX Launch Attempt

Watching SpaceX’s webcast. Update: Liftoff! Update 2: Dragon in orbit!

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Long-Duration Flights to ISS Approved

Looks like some astronauts/cosmonauts will be spending a full year in orbit soon. The stated purpose is to measure changes such exposure gives space travelers using modern-day equipment, since the last long-duration space traveler was over ten years ago. It’s … Continue reading

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