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Bad Headline

So Fox News reports on a company that’s planning on sending people on a one-way trip to Mars in 2023. The article does a pretty good job describing the plan and talking to members of the team setting it up, … Continue reading

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New Image Viewer for the 43rd Anniversary

Like Alan Boyle says, I’m not too big on odd-number anniversaries. I also find too much dwelling in the past a bit sad anyway, considering our current level of space activity and the anemic way we’re moving to get out … Continue reading

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When Space and Politics Collide…

…things rarely end well. Some are calling today’s launch to the ISS an outsourced launch.

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New way into Space

Virgin Galactic announced a new service today, lofting small satellites into orbit. Rand Simberg speculates that their orbital vehicle may be hybrid-rocket powered, based on the partner. If that’s the case, the low performance of hybrid fuels will make the … Continue reading

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Two Anniversaries

This week is the 50th anniversaries of two events. One showing the promise of space, the other showing how potentially fragile it is. Telstar was an experimental communications satellite. While it wasn’t placed into geosynchronous orbit like most commsats are … Continue reading

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Saturn V AND a Shuttle-Centaur!

Dwayne Day reports from the Davidson Center for Space Exploration in Huntsville. I’d really like to stand next to a vertical Saturn V, but the item that made the geek in me gasp was the Shuttle-Centaur, an originally-planned method to … Continue reading

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Summer Astronomy

Some great sights adorning the skies in the coming days and weeks.

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X-Class Flare!

The sun’s rage is on full display during solar maximum. An X-class solar flare took place on Friday, though it was small compared to some others that actually damaged an instrument.

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