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Voyager 1 on Final Departure has NASA video describing what changed to make scientists start saying that Voyager 1 is close to the edge of the Solar System.

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8 Years ago

Private spaceflight really took off, as Scaled Composites flew their SpaceShipOne to 100km, paving the way for their eventual capture of the X-Prize.

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Need to Learn more About These…

Last week, the asteroid 2012 LZ1 passed fairly close by Earth after its discovery on June 10th. The original estimates of the asteroids size was made based on its brightness, like all asteroids are estimated. Well, it turns out that … Continue reading

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Another new Asteroid Effort

This one from B612, who plans to build and launch an infrared asteroid hunter that will travel to the vicinity of Venus. This is similar to a concept described my NASA called NEOStar, which I can’t find a good link … Continue reading

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Dragon Flight: Secondary Effects

Looks like Dragon’s successful flight has accelerated plans for Orbital’s Cygnus demonstration. Not only is their first flight (of the Antares booster and the payload) a full demo like Dragon’s C2+, but the rocket itself just had its engines tested … Continue reading

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