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California Bolide Report

Apparently the California bolide that shook up a couple states had 3.8 kilotons of energy. Article here, more analysis here.

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Running List of Interesting Asteroids

It’s not hard to tell which way the wind is blowing. Now you can see a list of potential human/robotic mission asteroids on JPL’s NEO System. Also, if you click on each asteroid (like this example for SG344), there’s a … Continue reading

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Could be Big

I’ve been burned by overexcitement when a space company announcement comes out, so that tempers my feelings a bit, but today’s announcement from Planetary Resources could be a game changer: The right group of people at the right time with … Continue reading

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What does the Burst of Interest Surrounding Discovery’s Flight say About Overall Interest in Space?

Not much, to me. Interest in space has always been wide, but not very deep. Have something new and loud and flying around the neighborhood announced in advance, and you’ll probably draw a crowd. Have that same loud, flying thing … Continue reading

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Two Carrier Flights, Separated by Decades

In 1991, a brash new college graduate was working at Edwards Air Force Base, when he heard that space shuttle Endeavour was flying out of Palmdale. A borrowed zoom lens and a motivated carpool later, on an April morning he … Continue reading

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Now That’s Mission Flexibility!

The Dawn mission just got its time at Vesta extended for forty days without a penalty for its later exploration of Ceres. If Dawn were chemically powered, this wouldn’t be possible, but of course the whole mission wouldn’t be possible.

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Asteroids and What to do About Them

Alan Boyle reports on some of the latest thinking about ways to deflect asteroids. Also, there’s some interesting simulations running at Los Alamos that show maybe ‘send in the nukes’ isn’t such a bad idea for dealing with ‘rubble pile’ … Continue reading

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Odds&Ends in Catching Up

It’s great to be back online, though I never really took any efforts to make it happen quicker, other than checking in occasionally to see if an update cleared the problem I was having. Here are some of the things … Continue reading

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Woo Hoo!

My passive-aggressive method of awaiting WordPress to fix their software bug has worked, leading to only a few month pause in posts. That’s OK, I had other things going on in life anyway. Turns out I’ll be in Florida for … Continue reading

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