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Mark your Calendars

Here’s a list of astronomical events for 2012.  The most unique one is the Venus transit on June 5th, though the “double-star” view of Jupiter and Venus on March 13th will be more widely seen.

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Traveling in Comfort

Lots of issues with comparing first-class plane accommodations to long-term spaceflight accommodations, but to me, anyone who couldn’t spend months with private space like this has no place worrying about other people who’d be willing to.  Check out picture 26 … Continue reading

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Irony Meter Broken

Looks like a Russian satellite that failed to make orbit dropped some of its parts on “Cosmonaut Street.” Bad year for Russian space, and our fate is tied to them now.  We need to have multiple methods to get to … Continue reading

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A Star Rising in the East…

Comet Lovejoy continues to dazzle the Southern Hemisphere. Enjoy your particular holiday related to the Winter Solstice.

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Another Great Comet for The Southern Hemisphere (and the ISS)

Comet Lovejoy passed behind the sun a few days ago, the pass was so close, astronomers expected it to not come back around.  Well, it’s come back in spectacular fashion.  Australian amateur astronomers (AAAs, I just made that up) have … Continue reading

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GPS Receiver Accuracy

Apparently, some people are unhappy with the accuracy of their GPS watch.  I’ve been using the same one since December, 2006 and while I’ve noticed a couple times when GPS distance didn’t jive with race lengths and the like, they … Continue reading

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Space Act? Excellent!

Last week’s announcement that NASA will continue to purchase commercial flight services through space act agreements instead of traditional contracting methods is great news.  It will allow much leaner procurement.  The question is, considering that it takes fewer NASA people … Continue reading

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Early Form of the Star Trek Replicator?

Science fiction and eventual probable need for this device’s grandchild or great grandchild to be on spacecraft is about the only link to space for this story.  I just had to talk about it, however, because I’m so excited.  I … Continue reading

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YOU can help Human Spaceflight

The increasing blurriness between professional and amateurs in some areas continues to amaze me.  Astronomy is one such place.  There are so many targets to look at, that it’s helpful for a group of people to keep an eye on, … Continue reading

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Another Entrant in the Orbital Game?

Paul Allen, of Microsoft and SpaceShipOne fame, held a press conference today.  In it, he announced a cooperative effort between Scaled Composites and SpaceX forming Stratolaunch to build a huge, dual-hull airplane that will carry a modified Falcon 9 between … Continue reading

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