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Ambitious? Yes. Overreach? Possibly

SpaceX held an event at the National Press Club today including video: SpaceX Plans for the Future announcing plans to make their Falcon 9 booster completely reusable.  Elon says that doing so will bring the cost down by a factor … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Mighty Crowded in my sky…

Here is an updated version of the asteroid video.  Note the ‘pulses’ of discoveries that appear about 12 times each year, likely coinciding with new moons.  The ‘fans’ that form near the end of the movie are from the WISE … Continue reading

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Didn’t Arrive in Time…

I had other plans before finding out about yesterday’s big event at The Smithsonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center.  I didn’t arrive to get up close, but I got an impression of the size of the beast.  Other coverage here, here (includes a … Continue reading

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Saturn Rises Again!

No, not the planet, the booster.  When I first saw NASA’s news release about their SenateSpace Launch System, I thought someone posted the wrong picture, instead showing an old Saturn V image.  As a friend on an email list I’m … Continue reading

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One Day Only!

Your chance to see a spy satellite at the Udvar-Hazy Center near DC.

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9/11 From Space

Giving new meaning to eye in the sky.

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Lunar Landing Sites in HD

Well, I don’t think we’ll be sending any government-run missions to the lunar surface anytime soon, but when we do get there we’ll have better pictures of the previous hardware.

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Abandon Ship (Station)?

Rand Simberg has some thoughts.

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Food Challenges for Mars

A report on a paper given at an American Chemical Society conference discusses the challenges faced in providing food for a 5 year long Mars mission.  A few items: I’m unaware of a Mars mission architecture that involves a 5 … Continue reading

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Intriguing, but Mass Numbers Would be More Useful

Here’s an article about a suitcase-sized nuclear reactor that generates 40kW of power for early lunar and Mars missions.  This would be very useful, though more information is necessary to determine whether it’s a game-changer.  The reactor itself will weigh … Continue reading

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