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Don’t put a Deposit in yet…

Some Russian engineers have announced an orbiting hotel.  The prices and timeline strike me as a bit…optimistic.

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Well, this is a fine How-do-you-do!

The USA retired the space shuttle knowing that the Russian Soyuz rocket (delivering crewed Soyuz capsules and Progress cargo modules) was our only way of reaching the station until other systems come online.  The Russians even crowed a bit after … Continue reading

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Lucy IS in the Sky…

A planet dense enough that the best explanation is that it’s made of crystalline carbon, aka diamond.

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SenateSpace Launch System

I’ve been peripherally monitoring the back and forth battle between The Senate and NASA/The Executive Branch over the launch system that The Senate is trying to force NASA to build.  The recommendation is of course based on very careful calculations … Continue reading

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Dawn in Science Orbit

The news is a little old, I know, but Dawn has started its formal investigation of the asteroid 4 Vesta.  There’s one crater shown in some of the images that looks particularly fresh (dark markings around it), though I haven’t … Continue reading

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Still Navigatin’ After all of These Years

My first job in the Air Force involved early orbit operations for new satellites in the GPS constellation.  It’s been more than 20 years since I started active duty, and some of those satellites are getting a little long in … Continue reading

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Cometary Update from NASA

Apparently, I don’t hang out at the right websites.  If I did, I’d know about Comet Elenin, scheduled to make a close approach to Earth in October of this year, causing all sorts of havoc including 3-day long solar eclipses, … Continue reading

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More SpaceX News

The latest update (not a permalink, the update I’m referring to is dated August 15th) has images of the new Dragon capsule being prepared for flight.  They also have pictures of SLC-4 being demolished for later rebuilding as a Falcon … Continue reading

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