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Dragon, You’re Cleared for Docking

Looks like NASA has approved Dragon to dock at ISS after a 7-day on-orbit test.  Excellent!

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Deep Impact, 13 Years Later

The summer of 1998 was the summer of the asteroid disaster movie.  Two films came out, Deep Impact and Armageddon.  I remember at the time that Armageddon had better eye candy (in many forms), but Deep Impact was a better … Continue reading

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Father and Son at two Launches

The son in these two pictures is almost exactly my age.  I wonder if he’s wearing the shirt in the STS-135 picture that his dad was at STS-1?

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Dawn In Orbit: Exact Time TBD

Interesting press release from the Jet Propulsion Lab, saying that the Dawn spacecraft entered orbit sometime during the day yesterday, but they won’t know exactly when until they can better estimate the space rock’s gravity.  This will take some time … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget about Dawn!

The Dawn Spacecraft is still approaching 4 Vesta, due to enter orbit on Saturday.  I’ll be at a picnic, and may pause the action to raise a glass to the robotic explorer.

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Asking a Question you may not Want Answered

NASA asked the National Academies to perform a study for them.  The Committee on Human Spaceflight Crew Operations will investigate the following: (1) How should the role and size of the activities which are managed by the Johnson Space Center … Continue reading

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Launched with a (Real) Fanfare

NASA commissioned a musical sendoff for Atlantis’ launch.  I have to commend their choice in composer, Battlestar Galactica‘s Bear McCreary.  His commentary on the music can be found here, and a cell-phone video recording of the song can be found … Continue reading

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November SpaceX Flight?

SpaceX has been noticeably quiet recently.  Previous launch campaigns (especially the Falcon 9 flights in 2010) included press releases as hardware arrived, and a presidential visit.  I’ve been trying to find a date for the next mission other than SpaceX’s … Continue reading

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Landsat 5 Revs up its Night Vision

Landsat 5 conducted a night imaging event over the Chilean volcano that’s erupting.  Due to the satellite’s advanced age, such events are not common, but happen on special request.  I’m mainly doing this post to check out my new ‘Featured … Continue reading

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End of Big-Ticket Items Taking all the air From the Room?

Jeff Foust reported on the draft Congressional Budget report released Wednesday which essentially cancelled the James Web Space Telescope.  The expected cast of characters comes out decrying the end of NASA science, and saying that too much money has been … Continue reading

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