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A Space Yacht?

Popular Mechanics has the scoop. One thing that caught my eye is the spherical hot tub mentioned in the article. While the visuals are cool to imagine, given how water reacts when a washcloth is wrung out in zero-g, I … Continue reading

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(Actual?) Death Star Costs

Well, the Death Star Petition at got enough signatures to gain an official White House response. Not coincidentally, I’m sure, the number of signatures now required for a response has increased to 100,000. Rand Simberg says they did the … Continue reading

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More Plans, Less Action?

NASA recently released two plans: One for an L2 waystation as the next object to build. NASA’s report can be found here, with a news report here, and a fairly withering analysis of the plan can be found here. Another … Continue reading

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Don’t put a Deposit in yet…

Some Russian engineers have announced an orbiting hotel.  The prices and timeline strike me as a bit…optimistic.

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