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Major Roadblock to High Flight Tempo: The Range

Looks like a fire in one of the downrange RADAR units has shut down the range for a couple flights, including SpaceX’s next station delivery and booster return demonstration. This is something that has to get fixed if we’re going … Continue reading

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Expanding the Flight Envelope

SpaceX had their Grasshopper booster do some translation.

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Should have Taken a Screen Grab!

NASA announced the completion of SLS‘s Preliminary Design Review, a mandatory step in any development where a lot of outside experts are brought in to review the work done so far. After that data review, there’s a series of presentations … Continue reading

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What was that Noise?

Looks like last night’s Dragon launch suffered an engine explosion during ascent. The fact that we found out about it in a post-orbit-arrival press conference and not during a stunned-face post-crash one is a statement for the robustness of the … Continue reading

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The one Common Element…

The Delta IV and Atlas V vehicles are the core boosters of the US Government’s launch capabilities, and will remain so for quite some time. Built under the EELV program, the original idea was to have one booster system to … Continue reading

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