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Orion Progresses to Launch

On a rocket that it will only fly on once, and with no service module, though the Europeans may build one for us (cool picture) based on their ATV service module. Look at the bright side! After the 2014 flight, … Continue reading

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Bittersweet Anniversary

Forty years ago today, our last (most recent? last government-sponsored?) exploration of another world began.

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Opinions and Business Plans

The Space Foundation has a report describing what they define as Space Pioneering. Rand Simberg has read it so you don’t have to. Golden Spike went public with their plan to put two people on the moon for $1.4B this … Continue reading

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More Plans, Less Action?

NASA recently released two plans: One for an L2 waystation as the next object to build. NASA’s report can be found here, with a news report here, and a fairly withering analysis of the plan can be found here. Another … Continue reading

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Asteroid Mining Company

I was away when Planetary Resources made their big announcement about mining asteroids. Their approach sounds relatively sound, building large numbers of small spacecraft, then reusing components for ever-more-distant and aggressive missions. At least they have some monetary backing. Though … Continue reading

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