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Another Attempt at Satellite Mass Production

Iridium was one of the darlings of the New Space era of the 1990s. It was going to revolutionize communications by letting people talk around the world with one phone. The program broke new ground in satellite manufacturing, as almost … Continue reading

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Been a While, I know

Lots activities in the Hill home. I’ve got a new project in work, though I’m not ready to type about it here, yet. In the meantime, here are some interesting nuggets for you. By now you’ve probably heard about most … Continue reading

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After the Presser

Listened in to the Inspiration Mars press conference today. Then I downloaded the paper that served as the basis for the plan, and read a little of others’ opinions here(I agree with Rand’s interpretation of the first question as “Are … Continue reading

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SpaceX: When does the Tempo rise?

Frequent readers know that I am a fan of SpaceX. I’ve met Elon, and actually participated in early discussions about starting the company. I think they’ve done amazing things for an unprecedented low cost, and have the potential of turning … Continue reading

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Another Asteroid Mining Company

Deep Space Industries. May they have more than press conferences in their future. I recognize many of the names as being involved in previous companies. Their goal of launching an asteroid sample return mission in 2016 sounds…aggressive. Press release text … Continue reading

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MarsOne Update

While reading up on the inflatable node headed to ISS, I came across this information in the SpaceX Dragon Wikipedia entry. Turns out, MarsOne (who also recently specified what they’re looking for in Mars settlers) is planning to use a … Continue reading

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Opinions and Business Plans

The Space Foundation has a report describing what they define as Space Pioneering. Rand Simberg has read it so you don’t have to. Golden Spike went public with their plan to put two people on the moon for $1.4B this … Continue reading

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You can have on in any color, as long as it’s black

Popular Mechanics talks about how mass-produced satellites may revolutionize the space industry. Such price reductions only make place if launch costs can be knocked down because, let’s face it, if you’re going to spend $400M to launch something, does it … Continue reading

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A $2B Prize for Mars Sample Return?

I bet it’d take $3B to address administrative and planetary protection protocols. Rand Simberg and friends have some commentary.

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Dragon Flight: Secondary Effects

Looks like Dragon’s successful flight has accelerated plans for Orbital’s Cygnus demonstration. Not only is their first flight (of the Antares booster and the payload) a full demo like Dragon’s C2+, but the rocket itself just had its engines tested … Continue reading

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