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Blast from the Past

I’ve rediscovered coding, in some of its new guises like Scratch. People who click here will get a blast from the video game past.

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Mars Sleep and Food

The Mars sleep “issue” I talked about before made it to Science Friday this week, along with some discussion about food for the trip to Mars. Turns out there’s a recipe contest for people who want to suggest recipes using … Continue reading

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Comet Watch: December

Comet Ison could put on quite a show, or it could be another in a string of dud comets that have potential to grace our skies, but flame out somewhere along their approach. We need to learn much more about … Continue reading

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Almost Space…

Congrats to Felix Bumgartner on his record-breaking skydive from 128k ft! Hopefully, he doesn’t inspire a new round of UFO reports…

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Hadn’t Heard of this Contest…

Running around the Space Needle sounds like a kick. I wonder what else they had to do?

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What does the Burst of Interest Surrounding Discovery’s Flight say About Overall Interest in Space?

Not much, to me. Interest in space has always been wide, but not very deep. Have something new and loud and flying around the neighborhood announced in advance, and you’ll probably draw a crowd. Have that same loud, flying thing … Continue reading

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Not Related!

I got asked this last night at my high school reunion, but the asteroid close approach on the 8th of November and the new emergency broadcast system test on the 9th of November are not related to each other at … Continue reading

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Deep Impact, 13 Years Later

The summer of 1998 was the summer of the asteroid disaster movie.  Two films came out, Deep Impact and Armageddon.  I remember at the time that Armageddon had better eye candy (in many forms), but Deep Impact was a better … Continue reading

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