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A new Round of Questions?

It may be time to start asking “What now?” again…

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The Apollo Guidance Computer

In researching my previous post, I talked about the delta-vs planned for Apollo 8. In the Apollo Flight Journal, there’s commentary breaking down the items that were entered for each maneuver. They were all handled by the Apollo Guidance Computer. … Continue reading

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The Ethics of Sending People to Mars

The National Academies Institute of Medicine says, there’s no way to do it ethically unless the trip meets our strict criteria. Personally, I’d much rather have the capability built and let anyone who weighs the odds decide for themselves. Good … Continue reading

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26 Multi-Kiloton Impacts Since 2001!?

That’s the number the B612 Foundation is hinting at leading up to their press event on April 22nd. Interesting approach in releasing the actual number early, building interest to see the animation that they’ll show at the event proper. There’s … Continue reading

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Orion can’t Enter Lunar Orbit in its Current Design

Recently, I found out Jeff Bell has hit a lot of the same ennui that I have, only he expressed it in an interview on The Space Show. He said many things that I agree with, and I hope he’s … Continue reading

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New Proposal for an Exploration Target

Small asteroids, mini-moons of Earth. I like the concept, though I’m not sure how the trades will work out as far as travel time and delta-vs, other than the usual situation of the faster you want to get somewhere, the … Continue reading

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Another Attempt at Satellite Mass Production

Iridium was one of the darlings of the New Space era of the 1990s. It was going to revolutionize communications by letting people talk around the world with one phone. The program broke new ground in satellite manufacturing, as almost … Continue reading

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Major Roadblock to High Flight Tempo: The Range

Looks like a fire in one of the downrange RADAR units has shut down the range for a couple flights, including SpaceX’s next station delivery and booster return demonstration. This is something that has to get fixed if we’re going … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

I’ve rediscovered coding, in some of its new guises like Scratch. People who click here will get a blast from the video game past.

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Asteroid Threat


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