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Here's the latest on space, and my opinions on it...
This is the legacy site, with blog entries from November, 2004 through June, 2011.
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Some Pictures of a Shuttle in Flight
While these shots of Endeavour and the ISS are getting some well-deserved press, I just came across this picture of Endeavour with Earth in the background and the Dextre Robotic Arm in the foreground. I haven't found any press release about it yet. Seeing the stars is cool, and the cargo bay lit with its own light is pretty neat. The blurred city lights below give the perception of motion, while other minor effects like seeing the stars through the atmosphere are awesome. The camera was held pretty steady for this shot.
8:54 pm est

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The more we Learn...
The more convinced I am that we'll find life out there. The latest: crazy worms.
8:48 am est

Maintaining the Formatting I like
A YouTube video of Endeavour's flight into space, viewed from a solid rocket booster:

8:44 am est

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